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The MEF Wishlist is a way for our SCM teachers and staff to receive items that are needed to aid them in helping our SCM students have the BEST education possible. This Wishlist is for requests of $200 or less. It may be used as many times a year as a need arises for a teacher or staff member.

You can grant the entire wish or a portion of the wish.

Teachers and staff can make a wishlist request anytime during the year.

area rug

Area Rug and Stools
Request from: Elizabeth Campbell, Kindergarten – Twin Branch
I would like to purchase an area rug to make a comfy space for read alouds and community circle. I would also like to purchase fun stools to help with our flexible seating! The kids love the stools and they help students find their best working space!

Wish Amount: $200.00     Date Requested: 8/14/19     Date Needed: 12/18/19      Reference #: TB08


wobble stools

Whiteboards and Accessories
Request from: Kate Fulnecky, 3rd Grade – LaSalle Elementary School
I would like to request a class set of whiteboards, erasers and storage containers for use in my classroom. These are a great tool to use for a range of subjects from diagramming sentences in language arts to practicing math problems. I have been borrowing a set and now find that I need my own. We use them weekly and the students really enjoy using them.

Wish Amount: $200.00     Date Requested: 8/13/19     Date Needed: 8/23/19      Reference #: LA07


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