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The MEF Wishlist is a way for our SCM teachers and staff to receive items that are needed to aid them in helping our SCM students have the BEST education possible. This Wishlist is for requests of $200 or less. It may be used as many times a year as a need arises for a teacher or staff member.

You can grant the entire wish or a portion of the wish.

Teachers and staff can make a wishlist request anytime during the year.

area rug

Area Rug and Stools
Request from: Elizabeth Campbell, Kindergarten – Twin Branch
I would like to purchase an area rug to make a comfy space for read alouds and community circle. I would also like to purchase fun stools to help with our flexible seating! The kids love the stools and they help students find their best working space!

Wish Amount: $200.00     Date Requested: 8/14/19     Date Needed: 12/18/19      Reference #: TB08



Whiteboards and Accessories
Request from: Kate Fulnecky, 3rd Grade – LaSalle Elementary School
I would like to request a class set of whiteboards, erasers and storage containers for use in my classroom. These are a great tool to use for a range of subjects from diagramming sentences in language arts to practicing math problems. I have been borrowing a set and now find that I need my own. We use them weekly and the students really enjoy using them.

Wish Amount: $200.00     Date Requested: 8/13/19     Date Needed: 8/23/19      Reference #: LA07


wobble stools

Wobble Stools
Request from: Kate Fulnecky, 3rd Grade – LaSalle Elementary School
I would like to add some wobble stools to my flexible seating arrangements. By giving students a choice in how they learn & where they learn gives them added ownership in what they are working on. I chose these wobble seats to help my students get rid of extra energy. Instead of having to always remind my students to be safe in their chairs & watch people around them this will offer a safe solution. Moving around on the stools provides higher oxygen flow to the brain, blood flow & core strength.

Wish Amount: $200.00     Date Requested: 8/13/19     Date Needed: 8/23/19      Reference #: LA08


Stem Building Materials
Request from: Amber Koszyk, Kindergarten – Emmons Elementary School
My kindergarten students love to build and create! I would like to add some STEM building materials to my classroom. I would like to get materials such as magnatiles, bristle blocks, interlocking straws, building planks and construction builders.

Wish Amount: $130.00     Date Requested: 8/18/19     Date Needed: 12/1/19      Reference #: EM17


Incentive Gifts
Request from: Christine DeClark – 1st Grade – Emmons Elementary School
As part of our positive incentive program at our school, grade K-2 teacher give out Gold Slips to students “caught” doing the right thing & making good choices. Each week, each primary teacher pulls out a Gold Slip winner from our buckets & students are recognized over the intercom & are allowed to choose a small prize from the prize box located in the office. Most prizes are purchased directly by the teachers. If I am granted this wish, I will use the money to purchase bulk prizes.

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 8/20/19     Date Needed: 1/6/2020      Reference #: EM18


Positive Behavior
Request from: Jessica Wolfe – 3rd Grade – Emmons Elementary School
This year PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) was revamped. Our teachers give out Eagle Dollars to students “caught” dong the right thing and making good choices. Every other week, the Eagle Cart comes around for students to shop. The Eagle Cart contains fun prizes students can purchase with their Eagle Dollars. Most prizes are purchased by teachers personally. It would be wonderful to alleviate some of this burden. Kids love earning and spending their Eagle Dollars

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 8/20/19     Date Needed: 8/31/2020      Reference #: EM19


Flexible Seating
Request from: Brandi Powell – 6th Grade – Hums Elementary School

Sitting still is hard to do! I wan to increase the amount of flexible seating options available to my 6th graders to not only aide in their focus but also their need to be moving. The stability ball chairs are a popular choice among my students and they would like more!

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 8/27/19     Date Needed: 5/31/2020      Reference #: EM19


Projector Desk
Request from: Clare Johnson – 5th Grade – Beiger Elementary School

The current desk that my projector is on is outdated and not set up to fully serve my classroom. This desk would allow me to put my projector in a higher place while still having room for my document camera. We also have a new Ipad stand that will work perfectly on this! The set up we have right now is just not working to best serve and enrich my students’ lives.

Wish Amount: $58.57     Date Requested: 8/29/19     Date Needed: 12/19/2019      Reference #: BE19


Conversation in French
Request from: Cheryl Herman – Level 1-4 French – Mishawaka High School

Students need to speak the language daily to improve. Ideas to encourage can be found in the books I requested. They will help students speak French in class from the beginning to the end of the 85 minute block schedule here at MHS. The “Lights and Sounds Buzzer” will help create excitement as I have them speak French through debates and contests. They love to compete!

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 9/3/19     Date Needed: 11/11/2019      Reference #: MH13


Forgotten Tomb
Request from: Thomas Wicker – 7th Grade Social Studies – John Young Middle School

The Hunt for the Forgotten Tomb is a fantastic and age appropriate hand crafted experience that allows the students an opportunity to deep dive into the role of an Egyptologist. The experience is tailored to test student’s ability to analyze and critically think about informative text and “primary” sources in an exciting and novel way. In addition the experience can be reused with classes each year.

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 9/12/19     Date Needed: 9/1/20      Reference #: JH10


Breakout Edu Kit
Request from: Ryan Mitchell – 4th Grade Math, Science & Social Studies – Hums Elementary School

Two years ago I got a Breakout Edu Kit through this Wish List. My site access ran out so I am requesting a new 12 month site access so that I can continue to engage my students with this fun resource.

Wish Amount: $75.00     Date Requested: 9/16/19     Date Needed: 9/30//19      Reference #: HU16


Bus Passes
Request from: Jessica Mann – Mishawaka High School

Administration and guidance are aware of several families for whom transportation to school and bus passes are both big challenges. I have several student who are often tardy or truant from school. As the year progresses and snow falls, their attendance will likely get worse. When students struggle with attendance, their likelihood of graduation decreases. This request is for money for city bus passes.

Wish Amount: $200.00     Date Requested: 9/25/19     Date Needed: 9/30//19      Reference #: MH14


Electric Pencil Sharpeners
Request from: Jackie Miller – 2nd Grade – Emmons Elementary School

I am requesting two electric pencil sharpeners for my classroom. Currently, I have a handheld one that does not sharpen. I have a partner who allows me to use hers but I don’t want to wear hers down. I am asking for the School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener for regular pencils. The Bostitch Quiet Sharp 6 Heavy Duty for colored pencils. This will allow me to be able to have sharp pencils throughout the day, have the students be responsible for their own job of sharpening.

Wish Amount: $70.00     Date Requested: 9/26/19     Date Needed: 10/31/19      Reference #: EM20


Momentum Math
Request from: Tracey Iams – Oaklawan

I am requesting the Teacher’s Edition for Momentum Math l Level G. I have the student editions for level G and have been using them successfully in my classroom this fall. The Momentum Math program is an intervention solution for student in grades 6-8 who have fallen behind and may be giving up. The program helps students master the concepts, procedures and language that are the foundation for higher math, including algebra. The program addresses a variety of needs and learning style to differentiate instruction for struggling students. My students have responded positively to the lessons thus far. Moving forward the Teacher’s Edition would be a huge help. I found a used TE on Amazon for $149.75 and would like to order it if awarded this wish.

Wish Amount: $149.75     Date Requested: 10/8/19     Date Needed: 10/25/19      Reference #: OK01


Flexible Seating
Request from: Clare Holliday – 3rd Grade – Hums Elementary School

Third graders are very active and love to be able to move around any chance they get. We have some flexible seating options in our classroom but due to wear and tear we are losing a seating option almost every week. We would love to be able to replenish our supply and provide movement for each student throughout the day.

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 10/30/19     Date Needed: 11/26/19      Reference #: HU17


Polo Shirt
Request from: Meg Sauer – Radio/TV Teacher – Mishawaka High School

This grant will pay for 5 high quality polo shirts from our Under Armour vendor for students to wear at events and when they are on camera for the Mishawaka Network. We plan to purchase one of each size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and keep them in the classroom for students to wear. They will have the Mishawaka Network logo on the chest and back. This is just a start. I will be applying for a grant in the spring so we can give every second year student a shirt and jacket. This will be great branding and incentive for students to continue on this pathway. It will also increase their self esteem.

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 11/5/19     Date Needed: 11/19/19      Reference #: MH15


Mophorn Button Maker
Request from: Cheryl Herman – Mishawaka High School

I would like to purchase this machine so that my students can write sayings and design buttons in French for many of the holidays and to provide support for all students at MHS. Topics like anti-bullying, get along with each other, etc.

Wish Amount: $95.99     Date Requested: 11/8/19     Date Needed: /1/20     Reference #: MH16


Playdoh Stamps
Request from: Amber Brugh – Kindergarten – Beiger Elementary School

I am request alphabet and number playdoh stampers for my kindergarten students to use to help with letter and number identification and also CVC and sight word practice. Playdoh work is fun and also great for fine motor muscle building.

Wish Amount: $54.98     Date Requested: 11/8/19     Date Needed: 5/29/20     Reference #: BE20


Pocket Chart
Request from: Amber Brugh – Kindergarten – Beiger Elementary School

My students would love to have a pocket chart where they could hands on sort letters and pictures into the correct pockets

Wish Amount: $26.49     Date Requested: 11/8/19     Date Needed: 5/29/20     Reference #: BE21


Amazon Gift Card
Request from: Mrs. Slosser – 6th Grade – Battell Elementary School

Amazon gift card to go towards purchasing fidget counters for the entire school. Each set of counters comes  in a pack for 7 and cost $7.99. I would like to have enough to equip all teachers with enough for their classes and throughout the building as an outlet to fidget while learning and not disrupting others.

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 11/15/19     Date Needed:11/26/19     Reference #: BA09


Cinderella Stories
Request from: Tara Frances – 2nd Grade – Hums Elementary School

Our 2nd grade class works on a study that covers various versions of Cinderella. This grant would allow the purchase of many different versions of Cinderella from around the world. These books would be available for free read to the students, as well as be read aloud to compare and contract the versions of this fairy tale.

Wish Amount: $85     Date Requested: 1/7/20     Date Needed: 3/6/20     Reference #: HU18


Flex Phones
Request from: Karen Demske – 1st Grade – Beiger Elementary School

Our kids need headphones that will last. The district provided us with some but half don’t work anymore. It says that these Flex Phones are indestructible. That is the kind we need with six year olds.

Wish Amount: $200     Date Requested: 1/16/20     Date Needed: 6/26/20     Reference #:BE22


Rolling Storage Cart
Request from: Chris Shaver – 1st Grade – Hums Elementary School

I am asking for a 15-drawer and 20-drawer rolling storage cart to store headphones in for my students. We have tried multiple storage methods and the headphones keep breaking. If each child has their own drawer to store their headphones in I do not think that we will have so many headphones end up breaking.

Wish Amount: $138.98    Date Requested: 1/24/20     Date Needed: 6/1/20     Reference #:HU19


Various Board Games
Request from: Beth Schwitz – 8th Grade – John Young Elementary School

I want “old fashion” board games for my students to play during reward time, recess time (which I am trying to push for), and down time in classrooms once students have completed work. I think our students need to step away from screen time and play games that requires interaction with their classmates. Our library will also be able to use these games as they redesign the purpose of their space. The games include Perfection, Trouble, Guess Who, Uno, Clue, Jenga, Rack-O, Battleship and Connect 4.

Wish Amount: $121    Date Requested: 1/28/20     Date Needed: 5/31/20     Reference #:JY11


Request from: Christina Rantz – 3rd Grade – Battell Elementary School

Headphones for class. I would also like to purchase a pair of noise canceling for a couple of kids to share.

Wish Amount: $200    Date Requested: 2/10/20      Reference #:BA10


Classroom Library
Request from: Alaina Zannino – 4th Grade – Hums Elementary School

Our classroom library could use some updating with some newer student-requested, high-quality literature. These books would engage and motivate my fourth graders and help to promote a love and excitement for reading that will hopefully last a lifetime! Students would choose titles from this classroom library for use during independent reading time and use these books as research sources when working on various classroom reading projects.

Wish Amount: $200    Date Requested: 2/27/20      Reference #:HU20


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