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The MEF Wishlist is a way for our SCM teachers and staff to receive items that are needed to aid them in helping our SCM students have the BEST education possible. This Wishlist is for requests of $200 or less. It may be used as many times a year as a need arises for a teacher or staff member.

You can grant the entire wish or a portion of the wish.

Teachers and staff can make a wishlist request anytime during the year.

Eagle Cart Positive Behavior Items
Request from: Jessica Wolfe – Emmons Elementary School

Students who use their life skills are rewarded with Eagle Dollars.  Students can spend their Eagle Dollars on the cart.  Students look forward to purchasing from this cart.  It is very expensive to keep the cart stocked, and teachers often donate items and money to purchase supplies.  Students love to purchase things like craft kits, notebooks, books, pens, treats, balls, slime, and other fun treats.  Any help with stocking the cart is greatly appreciated.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 2/25/21      Reference #:EM34


Garden Containers
Request from: Nicole Jellison – Twin Branch Elementary School

Through a reading/science unit, my class has been learning about conservation of resources and urban gardening. I noticed right away a passion in my students for this topic. As we have been reading, specifically about urban gardening, my students have continually expressed an interest in our classroom creating our own garden. I would like to buy materials to have a container garden that my students can help plant and maintain. Doing so would benefit them in a variety of ways. Not only would this be a leadership project directly relating to the goals of our Leader in Me program, but students would have to research and track the specific care and management of each plant. We will need containers, soil, trellises, seeds, gloves, small shovels, and watering cans. I have done research to price this out and we will easily spend the money I am requesting. We appreciate your consideration! I know my students are extremely excited at the idea of this project.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 3/11/21      Reference #:TB10


Floating Portable Speaker
Request from: Jennifer Mammolenti – Mishawaka High School

ECOXGEAR EcoXplorer GDI-EXPLR110 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth AM/FM Wireless 50 Watt Speaker with Carry Strap (Gray)  Students with disabilities would benefit from listening to music while participating in Adaptive PE activities.

Wish Amount: $149.99    Date Requested: 4/26/21      Reference #:MH18


Individual Whiteboards

Request from: Nicole Ewing – LaSalle Elementary School 3rd Grade

My class needs individual whiteboards, dry erase markers, and erasers to practice many skills in all content areas. Whiteboards help us, especially, with spelling and writing practice, providing opportunities for students to easily correct mistakes.

Wish Amount: $200    Date Requested: 5/2/21      Reference #:LA09


Cube Organizers

Request from: Candace Lafferty – LaSalle Elementary School – Kindergarten

I have taught 6th grade for the past five years and this year I am moving to kindergarten! I am very excited for this new challenge, however, I need many new materials for my new group of students. This is including a storage area and new books for my kinders! It is extremely important for me to have an area where my students can go to in order to enjoy a new book and learn their letters/how to begin reading. This would help tremendously!

Wish Amount: $200    Date Requested: 5/4/21      Reference #:LA10


Digital French Magazine

Request from: Cheryl Herman – French Teacher – Mishawaka High School

A one year digital subscription of Mon Quotidien, a French magazine made for children and teens with many current event topics. I will use this each week to help students gain new vocabulary, reading and translating skills and guided oral discussion.

Wish Amount: $144.79    Date Requested: 5/10/21      Reference #: MH19


Flexible Seating
Request from: Beth Campbell –  Kindergarten –  Twin Branch Elementary School

I would love to expand on my flexible seating options! I like to have a variety of options and things have become worn over time and I would like to refresh and expand what the kids can choose from.

Wish Amount: $200    Date Requested: 5/18/21      Reference #:TB11


Flexible Seating
Request from: Amy Darnell –  Emmons Elementary School

I would like to give my students options to sit around the room when we do literacy groups and/or silent reading.

Wish Amount: $200    Date Requested: 6/17/21      Reference #: EM35


Magnetic Bead board
Request from: Wadzanai Bepe –  Battell Elementary School

With the pandemic still around, I would like to have items that can be easily cleaned. Students can use these when they are overwhelmed or when they are done with their work. Magnetic bead boards are a great way for them to quietly work on something while engaging their creativity. They can be wiped clean after each use so that students can take turns without fear of transmitting or getting germs. On the other hand, the other fidgets will be used to restock all the “break boxes” in the building for the same reason. The boxes were funded by MEF 3 years ago and have been used but now some of the fidgets are worn out and need to be replaced.

Wish Amount: $198.00    Date Requested: 7/7/21      Reference #: BA12


First Grade Puzzle Club
Request from:  Christine DeClark – First Grade – Emmons Elementary School

This year at Emmons Elementary we want to offer something new to our students!  The students are going to have the opportunity to participate in after school programs.  Our goal is to have the students more engaged and interested in positive after school activities.

I am going to sponsor the Puzzle Club for any first grader that would like to attend.  I am applying for the Wishlist to help fund the purchasing of 8 puzzle mats, and a variety of jigsaw puzzles that contain 100 pieces.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 7/15/21      Reference #: EM36


Morning Meetings
Request from:  Cara Patton, Jackie Miller, Allison Florkowski – Emmons Elementary School

School City of Mishawaka began a social and emotional journey for ALL students last year. It is the “Leader in Me” initiative. Leader In Me has several social and emotional components. We work on things such a Being Proactive and Putting First Things First. We work to be better leaders and citizens in our classroom, our schools, and our community. Part of this program includes a Morning Meeting and Building Relationships. We are asking for a donation to fund two books for each second grade teacher. These two books will help with the Morning Meeting and building good relationships in our classrooms. The two books are The Morning Meeting Book by Roxann Kriete and Carol Davis. The other one is 80 Morning Meeting Ideas by Susan Lattanzi Roser. Please consider funding us for two books per teacher or 6 books in all. Thank you for ALL you do for SCM students.

Wish Amount: $125.00    Date Requested: 7/19/21      Reference #: EM37


Eagle Cart & Gold Slip Winners
Request from:  Cara Patton – Emmons Elementary School

In order to promote positive behaviors at Emmons Elementary, we have two initiatives that run the course of the school year. One is the Eagle Cart for grades 3-6. Every other Friday, a cart of motivational prizes goes around the school for students to purchase. They earn Eagle money when they do something well or get caught doing the right thing. They take the money and buy items on the cart. For the lower grades, we have Gold Slip drawings. Students put slips into buckets when they follow Lifeskills and Leader in Me Habits. If their name is called on Friday then they walk down and choose a prize. This only works when we have prizes. With that being said, I am asking you to help our Eagles and teachers with prizes. If you consider helping us out, our teachers and students would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading my proposal.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 7/19/21      Reference #: EM38