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The MEF Wishlist is a way for our SCM teachers and staff to receive items that are needed to aid them in helping our SCM students have the BEST education possible. This Wishlist is for requests of $200 or less. It may be used as many times a year as a need arises for a teacher or staff member.

You can grant the entire wish or a portion of the wish.

Teachers and staff can make a wishlist request anytime during the year.

Calm Gym Storage and Activities
Request from:  Jennifer Vargo – John Young Middle School

Our ‘Calm Gym’ activities currently include: Using computers, read a book, checkers, Uno and card decks. I would like to add activities like:  coloring, suduko, and games. I would also like to have four 3-drawer organizers which are lightweight enough to move out of the way for the PE teachers. These will help organize our activities.

Wish Amount: $100.00    Date Requested: 08/21/2022      Reference #: JY13


Learning with Flocabulary
Request from:  Alaina Zannino – Hums Elementary School

I would like to purchase some student-requested books to update our classroom library.  Students are really enjoying reading from our class library, and have requested titles from some of their favorite series.  These books will be great for continuing to foster my students’ love of reading!  I would also like to purchase a subscription to the website “Flocabulary.”  Flocabulary contains educational hip-hop videos to engage students and increase achievment.  I have used some of their music videos in the past, and students love them are extremely motivated to learn using these songs!

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 08/22/2022      Reference #: HU303


Morning Meeting Books
Request from:  Debbie Lewinski – Emmons Elementary School

Morning meeting books, help teachers drive conversations about students’ social, and emotional needs. These books have lessons and topics that make it easy for teachers to pull lessons from and they use them in their morning meetings/circle time.

Wish Amount: $111.80    Date Requested: 08/22/2022      Reference #: EM49


Headphones with Microphone
Request from:  Rae Brough – Emmons Elementary School

I have students who need to work on different computer programs: Read 180, Systems 44 and Amira.  All of which require students to listen and then talk directly to the computer.  Headphones with the microphone attached are recommended for all of these programs as it allows the students to communicate easier.  It will also create a calmer atmosphere for the students as they are working.  Without the microphone the students are very loudly talking over each other.  The program then picks up the background noise from the other students and they struggle to complete their tasks.

Wish Amount: $175.92    Date Requested: 08/23/2022      Reference #: EM50


Flexible Seating
Request from:  Stephanie LeLand – Emmons Elementary School

I have quite a few students that constantly wiggle in their chairs and would benefit greatly from a different option to the traditional classroom chair. These would allow those students to be able to move as they are doing already, but in a safe way.

Wish Amount: $180.00    Date Requested: 08/28/2022      Reference #: EM51


Request from:  Stephanie LeLand – Emmons Elementary School

I would like to be able to offer more options to my morning STEAM bins, as they are very limited right now.  These bins provide the students a chance to work as a team or individually to solve a problem creatively. This encourages them to use critical thinking and to solve problems on their own. It also is helping them to develop some much needed team work skills. These bins would contain magnatiles, legos, dominos, brain flakes, pipe cleaners, and other similar building materials.

Wish Amount: $190.00    Date Requested: 08/28/2022      Reference #: EM52


Incentive Prizes
Request from:  Erica Peebles – Emmons Elementary School

We are asking for funds to purchase items for our Gold Slip Winners. These items are prizes that students can earn each month through showing an exemplar act of certain Life Skills (initiative, responsibility, friendship, pride, problem solving, etc. )from their teacher. Students are recognized and called to the office to choose an item!

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 09/20/2022      Reference #: EM53


Wiggle Stools
Request from:  Elizabeth Campbell – Kindergarten Teacher – Twin Branch Elementary School

Wiggle Stools Wishlist Detail: I would like to be able to finish out a class set of Flexible Seating with some more wiggle stools. The kids have the wiggles and to help them learn and have an outlet, I like to use alternative seating choices.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 09/21/2022      Reference #: TB14


Wiggle Stools
Request from:  Jessica Zimmer – Kindergarten Teacher – LaSalle Elementary School

Students will carry their books of interest around to Read to Self spots during Daily 5 rotation time (50 mins per day) practice reading stamina and falling in love with words, letters, illustrations, and children’s fiction and non-fiction literature. Each year with the sturdy bins, we will be able to use as Daily 5 bins for years to come

Wish Amount: $100.00    Date Requested: 09/28/2022      Reference #: LA15