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The MEF Wishlist is a way for our SCM teachers and staff to receive items that are needed to aid them in helping our SCM students have the BEST education possible. This Wishlist is for requests of $200 or less. It may be used as many times a year as a need arises for a teacher or staff member.

You can grant the entire wish or a portion of the wish.

Teachers and staff can make a wishlist request anytime during the year.

Stem Circuit
Request from:  Chris Shaver, Tina Riley and Mirium Knip – 1st Grade – Hums Elementary School

We are focusing strongly on the Social and Emotional well-being of our students and are trying to teach them the correct ways to handle all of their emotions. This SEL bundle will support us in this adventure with our students.

Wish Amount: $90.00    Date Requested: 10/03/2022      Reference #: HU31

Outside Sports Equipment
Request from:  Amy Darnell – Emmons Elementary School

I would like to provide new sports equipment for my students to have outside. All of the footballs, soccer balls, hula hoops, etc. are hand-me downs from other teachers, which has been great, but they are in rough condition. My students are very active and are always looking for activities to have outside.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 10/09/2022      Reference #: EM55

Stem Bins
Request from:  Amy Darnell – Emmons Elementary School

I recently was granted a wishlist item for STEM materials, I would like to be able to purchase bins for them to be stored in my classroom.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 10/09/2022      Reference #: EM56

Stem Bins
Request from:  Stephanie Modlin – K-6 PLTW – Battell Elementary School

I would like to purchase a variety of STEM construction toys for my STEM bins at Battell. In Kindergarten, I use STEM bins to practice life skills of sharing, cooperation, creativity, team work, and problem solving. Groups of students work together to use their imaginations and design something fun to build with their hands.

In grades 1-6, I use STEM bins periodically for STEM Building Challenges. Students work together to design and build the tallest tower, a bridge, an animal, or whatever the challenge is for the day. It’s also a fun, hands-on activity for the older students to practice sharing, patience, and problem-solving skills.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 10/11/2022      Reference #: BA13

Fleece Blankets
Request from:  Dalona Daggy – Twin Branch Elementary School

Each year I do special book reports that require students to bring sleeping bags or blankets for the floor.  We do one report in November which is an oral book report, around a mock campfire.  In February we also use blankets to snuggle with a good book for I LOVE TO READ DAY.  Due to recent issues with bed bugs and lice bringing items from home is not an option. I would love to have a set of blankets that I could bag, wash and keep at school.

Wish Amount: $120.00    Date Requested: 10/24/2022      Reference #: TB15

Seesaw Plus
Request from:  Kalyn Stegink – Kindergarten – Emmons Elementary School

Seesaw is a great technology platform for young learners like my kindergarten students! With a Seesaw Plus subscription, I will be able to keep the nearly 400 activities in my current Seesaw library that I have created and/or edited in the past 2+ years.

Wish Amount: $180.00    Date Requested: 11/01/2022      Reference #: EM57

Best Bad Luck I Ever Had
Request from:  Courtney DelVecchio – English 7 – John Young Middle School

I would like to purchase a class set of novels for the Spring Semester.  As a school, the 7th grade reads The Outsiders during the Fall Semester.  It is really powerful to have every seventh-grade student reading the same book at the same time.  We do not have enough copies of this novel, The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had, to do the same common reading project next semester.  I have used my classroom money to purchase a few copies, but do not have enough for the entire class.  Having a common novel project this semester has been amazing and I look forward to doing it again in the Spring.

Wish Amount: $200.00    Date Requested: 11/02/2022      Reference #: JY14

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

Request from:  Jordan Bodnar – 5th Grade – Battell Elementary School

I would like to get 25 copies of the book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell to have a class set. It is a read-aloud book I read to the students every year and would love for them to have their own copy to follow along. It is by far the most popular book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading to my classes.

Wish Amount: $150.00    Date Requested: 2/23/2023      Reference #: BA14