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President’s Letter:

Matt CarrollLet me start by saying how thankful we are for our generous donors. For the second year in a row, the MEF was able to grant nearly $250,000 to School City of Mishawaka for the benefit of our students. Half a million dollars of
giving in the last two years is quite an accomplishment.

We asked our community to rally around our students and staff, and what a response it was. Again, thank you so much for your support of our wonderful Mishawaka Schools.
Our mission is to provide our teachers and schools with funding to provide unique educational opportunities for students. This funding helps our teachers go above and beyond what the normal budget allows.

Donations this year allowed for our theater students to have a modern, state-of-the-art microphone and sound system that allows them to perform in ways they could not before. In cooperation with the United Way and Boling Vision Center, we launched our Kindness to Prevent Blindness initiative giving the gift of sight to students in need. As students were taking part in virtual learning, we were able to supply vital school items to help kids with their work. These are only a few of the many grants made possible by our generous supporters. The complete list of grants is included in this report.

I would be remiss if I did not say a special thank you to those on the MEF Board who donate their time and effort to making our success happen. Thanks to our Executive Director, Jane Wright, our executive board, and our members, we have created an amazing momentum and finished this year in the best
financial shape we have ever had. Even in these unique times, we are ready and able to serve the students and staff of School City of Mishawaka. If you want to be a part of this, please consider donating, volunteering, or financially supporting us.

On behalf of the Mishawaka Education Foundation, thank you again to our donors, volunteers, teachers, administrators, and community for all you do for the children of Mishawaka.

Matt Carroll
President, Mishawaka Education Foundation


September 1, 2019-August 31, 2020


COMMITMENT ($50,000 and above)

Irions Foundation/Tom Irions


COMMITMENT ($5,000 and above)


Boling Eye Care

City of Mishawaka


May Oberfell Lorber, Attorneys at Law

The Troyer Group

TCU Foundation


INSPIRATION ($1,000-$5000)

Afdent/Roger Pecina

Industrial Finishes & Systems, Inc.
Kelly Cummins

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Currey

Judi Hurst

Lehman & Lehman, Inc.

Dr. Shawn Long


Mishawaka Lions Club

MHS Alumni Association

Mutual Bank

Robert Shriner

Saint Joseph Health System

Schmidt Associates, Inc.

School City of Mishawaka

Schwartz Wiekamp Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. A. Dean Speicher

Thorne Grodnik, LLP, Attorneys

United Way of St. Joseph County


IMAGINATION ($500-$999)

The Beshara Family

Debbie and David Fox

Van & Jean Gates
Donna Hums

McDonald’s/Lisa and Bill Reiser

Ryan Mishler
Mona Penn


ENTHUSIASM ($100-$499)


Mr. and Mrs. Craig Baldini
Susan Arndt

Karen and Ron Barker

Barnes and Thornburg

David & Mary Barrett
Robert Boehnlein

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Beutter

Deborah Brechtel

Frank Cackowski

Matt Carroll/Edward Jones

Nancy & James Colborn

Cressy and Everett Realty

Richard Cowen

Stephen Cunningham

Lela Muldoon Davis
Herb & JoAnn Dixon

Brooke and Brian Dooley

Lori Sanders Dougherty

Gregg Eberlein

Mr. and Mrs. Woody Emmons

Four Winds Casino

Janet Freemen

Jeanne Gleissner

Bill Groth

Kathryn Hartley

Don Heirman
Jenifer Hill

Mr. C. Ross Jennings

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Mishawaka

Mr. Richard Kempner

James Kendle

Dr. and Mrs. Jon Kintner

Margaret Kroening

Dr. Shawn Long

Mr. Thomas McLaughlin

Mary Mahank-Barnes

Reverend and Mrs. Ken Mangelsdorf

Mr. and Mrs. Don McCambell

Rosemarie Mead



Doreen Mesecar

Mishawaka Business Association

SCM PTO Council

Charlotte Mittler

Col. John Mullin

Sarah Fritz Newcomb
Sherman Ostrom
Alice Palyuk
Marni Powell

R&R Benefits Risk Management, LLC

Linda and David Risner

Randy & Mary Ann Rompola
Stan Ross
Allison Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ruppe

Mr. Gerry Schrader

Sarah Schroeder

Bruce Shannon

Linda Shelton
Anne Shields

Mrs. David Spalding

Pat and Rodney Spear

St. Joseph County Auditor

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sullivan

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Thacker

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Towner

Tabitha and Nick Troiola

Elsie VanBruaene
David Wayne
Chuck Wayne
Sandra Wegenke

Becky and Barry Wertz

Marjorie White

Leiw K Williams

Chuck and Nancy Zimmerman

Don Zimmerman


CREATIVITY ($10-$99)
Builders Iron Works, Inc.
Princess City Dental Care
Emily Alexander
Betty Barnette
Julie Coryn Berry
Cindy and Gary Blair
William J Blume
Margaret Boner
Joan Candoli
Carol Chamberlin
Joyce Chambers
Margaret Makielski Claeys
Mr. & Mrs. John Clements

Nancy Cook

Robert Daniels
Irene Dare
Rosemary Deardorff
Annette DeBroka
Keith Fernsler
Joellen Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Flory
Betty Germano
Raymond Gervais
Thomas Grau
Charles Hassel
Darlene Johnson
Eva Jojo
Kim Karnes
Virginia Karnes
Jade Kayser
Duane Kollar
Charles Krueger
John Krueger
Agnes Laux
Jim Locke
James Lovelace
James Metzner
Martha Miller
Carol Miller
Karen Nevorski

Susan Nitsos

Harrison Obenchain
Gloria O’Keefe
Rachel Rice
Elizabeth Robertson
John Robertson
Joe Ruppe
Carolyn Przygocki Schwalbach
Nancy Smith
Ann Sondergard
Michael Spalding
Pat & Rodney Spear
Cheryl and Larry Stillson
Paul Swadener

Bruce Tassell

Pat Tassell
Nancy & Robert Taylor
Carol Traxler
Mary VanOoteghem
Mary Ann VanPaemel

Carole Vendrick

Donald Wachs
Jean Wagner
Nancy Warnes
Dave Weber
Jackie Welsh

Mary Lou Wood

Arthur Yeakey
Chuck Zumbaugh

In Memory/Honor

Susan Arndt Memory: Russell and Irene Arndt
William J Blume Memory: Evelyn Blume
Tom Brainerd Memory: Dick and Pat Brainerd
Joan Candoli Memory: Italo Carl Candoli
Margaret Makielski  Claeys Honor: Marvin Claeys and five Makielski siblings
Irene Dare George & Marcia Greenawalt
Lela Muldoon Davis Memory: Foster, June, Ruth, Howard and Lee Muldoon
Rosemary Deardorff Memory: Richard “Dick” Deardorff
Annette DeBroka Memory: Charlotte & Andrew DeBroka
Gregg Eberlein Memory: Sandra Montel Eberlein
Deb Fleming Honor: Dr. & Mrs. Robert Sriver
Joellen Fleming Memory: John Hall, Sr., Class of 1955
Janet Freeman Honor: John Moore
Thomas Grau Memory: Janice Grau Watson
Bill Groth Memory: Ralph and Norma Groth
Don Heirman Memory: Chester Heirman, Class of 1935
Darlene Johnson Memory: Lois Hostetler
Kim Karnes Memory: Coach Jeff Hull of Adams High School who cherished kids
Duane Kollar Lois Coyner (Szabo) Class of 1949
James Lovelace Honor: Marceline Lovelace
Mary Mahank-Barnes Honor Speicher and Dream Team
Rosemarie Mead Honor of Phyllis Choqueet, Jo Heftie,
Dolores Verbeke and Paul Wilkins
Richard Miller Honor Speicher and Dream Team
Carol Miller Memory: Dorothy (Meyerhoefer) Larson 1967; George Meyerhoefer 1929
Charlotte Mittler Robert Eugene Sriver
Charlotte Mittler Robert Beutter
Sarah Fritz Newcomb Carmen Lynn Fritz
Mona Penn Memory: John Penn
Sarah Schroeder Marian Kirkpatrick Torian
Linda Shelton Memory: Ed Power/Mary Stroup Power
Anne Shields Memory: Dr. Mary Denise Ruppe
Nancy Smith Memory: Chuck Esperseth
Michael Spalding Memory: David Spalding, MD
Paul Swadener Honor: All the Swadeners who have graduated from MHS (25 or more)
Jerry Thacker Honor Speicher and Dream Team
Mary VanOoteghem Memory: Richard VanOoteghem
Mary Ann VanPaemel Memory: Eugene “Gene” VanPaemel
Jean Wagner Honor: Taylor, Ethan and Jacob Stanton
Nancy Warnes Memory: Richard Warnes
David Wayne Honor: Chuck Wayne
Sandra Wegenke Memory: Russell & Irene Arndt
Other Donors: Honor: Jane Wright
Memory: Joseph and Hellie Flory
Memory: Bruce Chamberlin
Memory: Peggy Cowen
Ralph Powell, MHS ’51
Memory: L.O. Gates
Honor: Dean Speicher
Memory: Dr. Mary Ruppe
MEF would also like to acknowledge 240 SCM staff that participated in the MEF Payroll Deduction campaign. Thank you!

MEF would also like to thank all the 2020 Silent Auction Donors and Growing the Future Dinner/Auction attendees and the Chip in for Education Golf participants! Thank you!

We would also like to thank all the MEF Lions Club Fine Arts Endowment donors that contribute to the fund that supports SCM students through the Fine Arts.